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Of course someone thinks a stormtrooper/crucifix sculpture is blasphemous. I’m just surprised it isn’t Vader.

It totally is blasphemous, though. Not, apparently, by the artist’s intention, but it is absolutely trivializing an important religious symbol. And the gallery owner’s claim that “it’s not got anything to do with religion” seems pretty disingenuous. The cross/crucifix is the major symbol of the Christian religion. It’s pretty much impossible to use this symbol without referencing Christianity in some way.

Beyond that, this particular (mis)use of the symbol doesn’t even make sense. The artist claims it’s meant to represent “the sacrifice of the movie stormtroopers as ‘cannon fodder’ for someone else’s cause”, which is an interesting idea in itself but hardly invites comparison to the willing self-sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. This work demonstrates that the artist either lacked understanding of what the symbol he was using actually stood for, or else put little thought into it beyond the initial idea.

So yes, definitely blasphemous, and also just plain bad art.

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